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We’ve recently seen an increase in phishing and email spoofing attempts. Unfortunately, many of these impersonation email attacks are not detectable by existing security solutions. The best protection is to be aware and prepared. Here are a couple of helpful tips to avert an attack:

  1. Think before you click! Your first instinct is right 90% of the time. If it isn’t a sender you recognize or something you are not expecting, question it.
  2. Before clicking on ANY link, hover over it with your mouse and the web address will pop up. If it’s a scam, it will be a random URL or name, instead of the legitimate name of the organization they are pretending to be.
  3. Never reply to the email asking if it is legitimate. The hackers often have access to this email and will respond and tell you it’s real. Call the person the email says it’s from, and ask them directly over the phone.
  4. If you’ve opened it by mistake, contact us right away! Microsoft Office 365 will never ask for your login information by email. Call us if you have any questions or concerns about an email in your inbox.

Below you will find a basic guide that showcases symptoms of a phishing attempt:

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